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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-617

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GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 617 We shall not be able to remain here any longer as we must undertake the journey to-morrow Although the army of the enemy was large our general ordered the troops to advance Grammatical Questions Write out the first person singular and plural of the verb fagen in all the tenses of the indicative and conjunctive mood Give the second person singular of the present the first person singular of the imperfect tense and the past participle of the following verbs ftngen-fallen- lefen-fd nei&en fleijlen laufen fedjten macfcfen blafen What is the peculiarity in the conjugation of irregular verbs in German Write down the present tense of the auxiliary verbs of mood rcoHen-t iitfen-funnm and mbgen Conjugate the verb fid beftnben in the indicative and imperative mood Give definition illustrated by examples of the use of the passive voice in German Write out the inseparable prefixes and state how the past participle of inseparable compound verbs is formed in German Give examples Give the genitive singular and nominative plural of the following nouns stating to which declension and form they belong Ufyr-3311 -greunb-2 otf- STOenfcf Spiegel-33nt&er- Sfytijl-Siffy XXVI -$l Ā£iical eograpljj Describe the structure of mountain chain and explain how mountain chains are formed
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