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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-606

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606 GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE greatest as to express the angles in degrees grades and circular measure 16 Prove sin2 cos2 tan sin Vl tan' seca cosecaA sec2 cosec3 17 Trace the changes in the value of cos'1 θ sin2 β as θ passes from to 360 18 Give geometrical proofs for the expansions of 8in cos and tan 19 Find the values of the trigonometrical ratios for an angle of 75 20 Solve the equations cotd cos Λ sin 30 sin 25 sm6 cot tanfl eos sintf 21 Prove that if Β 180 bwA sini sinO 4cos cos" cos- 2c and thence deduce Α Β π Α π Β π cos- -f- cos- cos- 4cos-COS---COS-r 22 Prove that in any triangle 4- and show that ABC taD tan- tan- it 23 Show how to solve triangle when the sides and the angle are given If there be two triangles having the given parts and if c3 be the third sides show that 2c cos 2A r25 4e2 cos tan-
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