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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-605

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GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 605 in how many hours will they mow 11 acres all woiking together If and β are the roots of a3 bx find the value of a4 αψ Transpose 44444 from the scale of to that of 10 extract the square root of 33224 in the scale of and prove that the difference of two numbers in the scale of 10 consist- ing of the same digits is divisible by If χ varies jointly as and and varies directly as χ and if χ when find the value of ζ when χ 10 Find the sum of to terms to η terms 555 55 to η terms -ί- ί ad infinitum γ2 11 If the th term of series in harmonical progression be and the th term then the rth term will be mn 12 Find the number of combinations of η things taken together Four persons are chosen by lot out of 10 in how many ways can this be done and how often would any one person be chosen 13 Find the coefficient of χ in the expansion of and the th term of 14 Given log 30103 and log 4771213 find the integral values between which χ must lie in order that the integral part of 1Ό8 may contain digits 15 The angles of triangle are in arithmetical progression and the number of degrees in the least is to the number in the
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