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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-592

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592 GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE Give sketch of Napoleon's career after the Peace of Tilsit What changes took place in Prussia after the battle of Jena What was the question at issue in Pitt's struggle with the Coalition Ministry Under what circumstances did that Ministry leave office Give an account of the Regency Bill of 1788 XIII £ngltd fitetoro 1558-1635 Junior Division What do you know of the Ridolfi Plot of Babington'8 conspiracy and of Essex's proceedings in Ireland Give an account of the treatment of the Recusants by James and Charles How far was the conduct of these kings towards them affected by considerations of foreign policy Explain the meaning of Impositions Tonnage and Poundage Benevolences Privy Seals Forced Loans and Ship- money stating on what occasions money was raised by them Write short account of the political career of Francis Bacon What was Laud's ecclesiastical policy To what classes of men did it give offence What were the grievances which led to the Petition of Right Which of the clauses of the Petition was resisted by the king and on what grounds Where are Prague Heidelberg Cadiz and Rhe What events took place at these places during this period XIV ngltsi language fHora'i antf £&tat' Specimen of Cfarlj Englt'sl III -XI Mention as many differences as you can between the Northern and Southern dialects From what dialect is our Standard English descended
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