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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-566

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566 TRENCH PRIZE XII -Hogt'c ants iHctap tcii Examine the claim of logic to be regarded as science and state its exact scope What do you understand by the terms categorematic- connotation-summum genus-infima species-nominalist- conceptualist tabula rasa- enthymeme epicheirema sorites In what figures are the following premises valid AI Ε OA Give examples of syllogisms in Cesare Camenes Fesapo Baroko and reduce them to the first figure Illustrate the fallacies non sequitur illicit process post hoc ergo propter hoc Give the so-called "Canons of Induction" in your own words Write short essay on Cessante causa cessat etiatn effectus State and criticize Hamilton's analysis of the Cognitive Faculties What is the exact position of Kant in the history of philosophy 10 "Imagination Memory and Hope are psychologically one and the same faculty Discuss this statement II -$rcltmtnan Translate are 8f ημέρα iyevero τήν γην ουκ πίγίνωσκον' κολτ ον Be τινα κατανοούν ίχονια αιγιαλοί els ον ίβου νσαντο el δΰναιντο ί ώσαι το πλοϊον καϊ τά άγκυρα nep1e avres eiav els την θάλασ-
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