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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-561

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THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT 561 Ιησοΰ Χρίστου els πάντας καϊ i1r πάντας Tobs πιστεύοντας" ου yop TTt διαστολή πάντες yap μαρτον καϊ ύστεροΰνται της δόξης τοΰ Θεοΰ δικαιούμενοι δωρεάν τρ αυτού χάριτι δίά Τ7 ς άπυ υτρώσεως της iv Χριστψ Ίησοΰ hv προεθετο Qebs αστήριον δίά της πίστεως iv τψ αυτοΰ αίματι εις νδειξιν της δικαιοσύνης αύτον δια τήν νάρεσιν των προτγεγανότων αμαρτημάτων iv τρ άνοχτ του &εοΰ irpbs ενδειξιν της δικαιοσύνης αυτοΰ iv τψ νΰν καιρώ els Tb είναι abrbv δίκαιον καϊ δικαιοΰντα τόν εκ πίστεως Ίησοΰ Give the meaning and derivation of the following words σνντριμμα-άποΧντρωσκ-καταΧΚαγή δψώνια-χρήμα- τ'ισει-αδόκιμο -yjnSvpuTTai-άστοργοι-άσπονδοι What two main groups of MSS are commonly recognised by critics Name the chief critics referred to Examine the evidential value of the following canons of criticism and give examples of their application Brevior lectio prasferenda verbosiori Proclivi lectioni prasstat ardua In parallel passages dissident reading is to be preferred to concordant one State briefly the evidence for and against John Mark xvi 9-20 10 What position do the Pastoral Epistles occupy in relation to St Paul's life and teaching On what grounds has their genuineness been questioned 11 Give list of the five earliest Uncial MSS and state what you know as to their history and character VI -articles Quote Article II exactly comparing it with the language of the Ancient Creeds Examine the phrase to reconcile His Father to us Note briefly the various lines of preparation for the Manifestation of Christ traceable in the Old Testament What are the methods of Our Lord's Self-Manifestation in the Gospel History Give few striking instances of each Distinguish in estimating them the function of Evidence and the province of Faith Ν Ν
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