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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-560

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560 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT IV- Cisrfjttrtiorf Examine our Lord's treatment of the woman of Samaria of Nicodemus of the cripple at Bethesda as examples of spiritual education What indications of an unrecorded Ministry of our Lord in Jerusalem do we find in the first three Gospels V-Eije CptsStlc to tijc £toman£i Chaps -VIII 11 and $ammonU'0 Ceytual Criticism Chaps VI App and 1-6 Give brief outline of the argument of the Epistle to the Romans chaps -vii On what new stage of thought does St Paul enter in chap viii Discuss the question what stage of the spiritual life is represented by St Paul's language in Rom vii 9-24 and in connexion with it state what you understand by ό νόμο iya -6 σ ω άνθρωπο Trace the history of the Church of Rome and of St Paul's relations to it prior to the date of the Epistle Compare the teaching of St Paul as to Justification with that of St James Which seems to you to have been earlier in point of time On what grounds Translate the following with brief exegetical notes "156 συ Ιουδαίος έπονομάζτ καϊ i-παναπαότ τφ νόμω καϊ κανχα- σαι έν θεω και "γ1νώσκΐ13 τδ θίΚημα κο δοκιμάζίΐϊ τά διαφέροντα κατ-ηχονμενοε ίκ τον νόμου' πε'ποιβάς τε otainbv dSirybv ίΊναι τυφλών φωί των £ν σκότα παίδευττ αφρόνων διδάσκαλοι νηπίων έχοντα τήν μόρφωσιν της γνώσςω καϊ της άληβε as έν τφ νόμψ οΖν δίδάσ- κων έτερον ataurbv ου διδάσκεις δ κηρύσσων κλεττείρ κλε'πτεις Κ ων μη μοιχςόίΐν μοιχΐύΐΐς β$ νσσόμ ν05 τά είδωλα ί'ερο- συλεΐς ts iv νόμψ καυχάσαι δια της παραβάσεως του νόμου Tbv Qeov άτιμάζαί νυνί δε χωρίς νόμου δικαιοσύνη Θεοΰ ιτεφανέρωται μαρτυρουμίνη inrb του νόμου καϊ των προφητών δικαιοσύνη δε θεοΰ δίά πίστεα ς
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