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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1879-1880-556

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55G theological department Give short account of the great religious revivals of Hezekiah and Josiah What parts did the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah play in the history of their times Give short history of the restoration of the Jews after the Captivity and of the servicesin this respect of Zerubbabel Ezra and Nehemiah 10 Shew from the sermons of St Peter and the defence of St Stephen what wrere the characteristics of the earliest Christian preaching 11 Give the history of the establishment of the Church during the Apostolic age in Corinth Ephesus and Home 12 Trace the course of St Paul's Missionary journeys in Asia Minor and Macedonia 13 Give some account of the following persons mentioned in the New Testament Philip the Evangelist Apollos Epaphroditus Demas Philemon Mark Agabus II -&mk Cestammt What is known of the author of the second Gospel Write the Greek or English of St Luke's preface What other book of the New Testament is ascribed to him and for what reasons Translate Kai Μαριάμ MtydXvvfi ή ψνχή μον τον Κνριον και ηγα ίασ το πνίνμά μον 67τι τω θεώ τω σωτήρί μον' υτι έπίβΧε- ψεν fVt την ταπΐίνωσιν της δούλης αντον Ιδού yap από τον ννν μακαριονσί μ πάσαι at ycvtal' οτι ποΊησί μοι μ γαλ ϊα ό δννατός και iiytov το όνομα αύτού' και το eXeo αντον Ϊς ytvebs yevtav τοις φοβονμΐνοις αυτόν Έποίησ κράτος Ιν βραχίονι αντον' δ1 σκόρ- πισ ν νπιρηφάνονς διάνοια καρδίας αϊτών ΚαθιΐΧ δννάστας άπο θρόνων καϊ ύψωσε τα7τ ιι ουϊ Τίΐΐνώντας ίνΐπΧησεν αγαθών και πΧοντονντας ίξαπίστ 1Χ κινονς Άντ Χάβ το Ισραήλ παιδο αντον μνησθήναι ϊΧίους καθώς ίΧάλησ προς τούς πατέρας ημών τώ Αβραάμ και τώ σπίρματι αντον Ϊς τόν αιώνα
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