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EVENING CLASSES 325 23 EXPERIMENTAL PHYSICS Day and Hour of Attendance-Wednesday from to The Course for 1879-80 will treat of Sound aud Light -Production of Sound by the Vibrations of Bodies Propagation of Sound by Waves of Air and other Elastic Media Velocity of Sound Theory of Vibrations Longitudinal and Transverse Vibra- tions Transmission by Solids and Liquids II -Reflection of Sound Echoes Refraction of Sound Communication of Vibrations The Tuning-fork Relation between the Rate of Vibration and the Pitch of Sound The Siren III -Vibrations of Strings The Monochord Harmonic Division of Strings Stringed Instruments Vibrations in Tubes IV -Vibrations of Rods Plates and Membranes Rela- tion of the Mode of Vibration to the Pitch of the Note Reed Instruments Combinations of Sounds -Intensity of Sound Resonance Organ Pipes Singing Flames Interference of Sound Beats Optical Representation of Vibratory Motions VI -The Propagation of Light Methods of Measuring its Intensity Theory of Shadows Velocity of Light Aberration The Undulatory Theory VII -Reflection of Light from Plane and Curved Surfaces The Heliostat Caustics formed by Reflection Refraction of Light Total Reflection Atmo- spheric Refraction Prisms VIII -Measure of Indices of Refraction Lenses Compo- sition of White Light The Solar Spectrum The Oxy-hydrogen Light The Electric Light
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