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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-656

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654 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT Trace the vas deferens and give its most important rela- tions What muscles are in contact with the capsular ligament of the shoulder-joint and the hip-joint Give their precise actions IL- Ijniiolotjp Describe the origin construction function and destiny of the blood discs Give some account of the chemical constitution of striated muscle Compare the changes which occur in it as the results of prolonged activity death What is the relation of the "tidal" to the "stationary" air during quiet respiration Give an estimate in of the amount of each for healthy adult What change is observed in the relation of these amounts after section of both vagi nerves Explain accurately the nerve mechanism which regulates the secretion of the sub-maxillary gland of the dog Can you prove that the gland cells are directly under the control of nervous influence Describe and contrast "peptic" and "tryptic" proteolysis Describe the exact route by which proteids fats car- bohydrates respectively reach the general circulation III -CijtmtStrp Describe method of preparing hydric peroxide How may it be identified Ī¤ Compare the properties of the two principal varieties of phosphorus and state how each may be converted into tbe other Write the formulae of galena cinnabar and yellow orpi- ment 10 cubic centimetres of gas not absorbed by potash are mixed with an equal volume of oxygen and exploded in the
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