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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-637

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WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS 635 What gases are capable of kindling spark into flame and bow may they be distinguished from each other Explain by chemical equation the action of nitric acid upon marble VTT -Sotanj What is chlorophyll Where is it found and what is its chemical composition Describe the structure of an acrogenous or acotyledonous stem Define the following cell-vessel-CHticle-epidermis- cambium-adventitious-epiphyte-and parasite Give general sketch of the parts of the flower Define species-variety-genus-natural order-and class Give the diagnoses of the following natural orders Ranunculacea Rosaceae and Liliaceae Define the following terms vernation-'aestivation spathe-involucre-glume-capitulum-cyme-papilionaceous -exsertea-hypogynous-gynandrous-and didynamous Describe the structure of the ovule and the process of ertilization in flowering plant VIII Marncfora jftrst lass tijolarsfctps <t CtStamcnt Give brief description of the first return from captivity under Zerubbabel Was there any reason which might induce the Persian king to favour the Jews Under what various oppositions was the whole work of the restoration of Jerusalem and of the Temple carried on
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