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G34 CLOTHW0RKERS SCIENCE EXHIBITION -Zoologi Describe the structure of Paramecium and give its life- history What classification of the annulose animals would you adopt and how do you justify it Describe the respiratory organs of the most important types of odontophorous mollusca Explain the essential differences between the skull of cod-fish lizard and mammalian animal Give the characteristic peculiarities of the amphibia explain the most important subdivisions of the class and name the best known species The horse ass and zebra are species of the genus Equws Equus is genus of the Equidae which is family of the order Perissodactyla Explain the full meaning of the different parts of this sentence Make any supplementary notes bearing upon it and state the geographical distribution of the members of the Perissodactyla YL-C tmifitrp State the composition of ammonia both by weight and volume To what class of chemical compounds does it belong By what process is quick-lime obtained and why does it become hot when water is poured over it What substances are produced when common coal-gas burns in air Suggest an explanation of the circumstance that chemical compound always contains exactly the same proportions of its elements Name the metal which is present in common salt What other metals are very nearly related to it By what characters may silver be distinguished from platinum State why an exact determination of the specific gravities of gases is of so much importance to the chemist
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