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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-635

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cloth workers' science exhibition 633 ball weighing 10 lbs is fastened to the end of string ft in length and whirled round on smooth horizontal surface so as to make 40 revolutions per minute Find the strain on the string IV -Sjrtrostattca gncumaticii an& tat Define dearly what is meant by specific gravity Is there any difference in specific gravity between lbs of iron and lbs of the same metal piece of iron from railway line weighs 246 ozs in air and 210 ozs in water the specific gravity of the metal forming the rest of the rail is 8'55 Is there any flaw in the piece examined What is tbe volume of the piece What is Boyle's law Shew how the truth 01 this law may be proved experimentally Describe the construction and explain tbe action of fire- engine What is meant by the specific heat of substance solid weighing 500 grammes is heated to temperature of 99 and then let drop into 600 grammes of water at temperature of 10 the temperature of the mixture is found to be 15 Find the specific heat of tbe solid neglecting the heat absorbed by the vessel taking this heat absorbed into account supposing the vessel to be of copper sp heat 095 weighing 135 grammes If 50 grammes of ice be now added what will be tbe resulting temperature Describe Roy and Rawsden's apparatus for determining the coefficient of linear expansion of metals Give an account of some good method of determining the mechanical equivalent of beat volume of air under pressure of 760 mm of mercury and at temperature of 10 occupies certain volume the temperature of the air is then raised to 100 Find the pressure to which the air must be subjected in order that it may still occupy the same volume as before Assume the coefficient of expansion of air under constant volume to be 00367
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