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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-634

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632 CLOTHW0RKKR8' SCIENCE EXHIBITION 15 Find the tangent of the angle between two straight lines whose equations are given when the axes are inclined at an angle ω 16 Find the equation to tbe tangent to circle at given point and also the equation to the line joining the points uf contact of pair of tangents drawn from given point III -fHccijanicS Describe the common balance Prove that if χ be the true weight of substance which seems to weigh lbs in one scale-pan of balance with unequal arms and lbs in the other scale-pan 41 State some other method of determin- ing the true weight of substance in such balance State the conditions of Stable Unstable and Neutral Equilibrium 1st in the case of body capable of turning about point 2nd in the case of body resting on surface giving examples in each case stone is projected vertically upwards find tbe time taken to reach the highest point and the greatest height attained the velocity of projection being 93 feet per second and tbe value of 32 Describe Attwood's machine and explain the uses to which it may be put Prove that the resultant of two concurrent parallel forces equal to the sum of tbe two forces Three pullies are arranged according to the first system and power of 12 lbs is employed to balance weight of 84 lbs tbe weight of the lowest pulley is lbs and of the next lbs Find the weight of the upper pulley Two balls weighing lbs and lbs moving with velocities of 20 ft and 18 ft per sec respectively in opposite directions strike each other directly Find the velocity of each ball after impact 1st supposing the balls devoid of elasticity 2nd assuming the coefficient of elasticity
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