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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-630

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628 applied sciences Give the names of the parts of foot lathe for wood turning What are the parts most important to be looked to for fit and finish in small lathe What are the angles for the edges of cutting tools for iron How is the proper degree of hardness for the cutting edge arrived at Name the files generally used distinguishing them by the cut of the teeth and form What conditions of surface are most damaging to new file How is the damage to be avoided Describe the principal tools used for hand drilling and sketch some of the varieties of drills FIRST YEAR What is the standard measure of length proposed by Sir Joseph Whitworth and what are the advantages claimed for it On what principle is Sir Joseph Whitworth's Millionth Measuring Machine constructed Into how many classes are hand tools for wood arranged Give the names of few tools in each class What are the usual angles the irons for bench planes are fixed at at what angles should they be ground and sharpened What is the use of the upper iron of plane how far is it usually placed from the edge of the lower iron and what con- ditions regulate the distance What angle should the cutting edge of Tennon saw-tooth make with the face line what is the result of its being too acute Sketch quill-bit nose-bit centre-bit and screw-twist- bit and state what work each is best adapted for
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