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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-625

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APPLIED SCIENCES 623 In circle of 3" diameter place equal circles each touching the given circle and two inscribed circles Two lines on the horizontal plane meet each other in point and enclose an angle of 70 find the plan of them when they are contained by plane inclined at 40 line 3" long inclined at 35 is the diagonal of one face of cube Complete the cube The two traces of plane oblique to both co-ordinates are each inclined at 30 to xy Find the inclination of the plane Represent by its traces any plane of the same description and from any point as on the plane draw line at right angles to it 3" in length The base of cone 25 diameter is inclined at 45 show plan and elevation of the solid the axis being 3" in length 10 square pyramid has one of its long edges inclined at 32 the face to which it belongs being inclined at 42 Show the solid in plan and elevation its dimensions being length of side of base 2'5" axis 3" VII -$urbtging anfl Etbtllt'njj THIRD YEAR Describe tbe spirit level and staff Your level being somewhat out of order how would you insure accuracy in the field What is understood by curvature and refraction and what is the formula for the corrections What is understood by "flying or trial levels "check levels and final or main section levels The diameter of the earth being 8000 miles what is the correction for curvature and refraction for and miles Calculate the following rates of inclination Miles Chains Heights At 200 00 feet 167-50 25 24025 30 00 196 200-00 60 12
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