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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-624

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622 APPLIED SCIENCES 11 Show also the lines of deepest shade in the solids and if they do not meet on the circle which is common to both solids give reasons for it 12 There is well-known solid one projection of which is circle another square and the third triangle give these three views of it and its plan when the circle 2'5" diameter is its base and is inclined at 40 to xy The curves are of importance in this problem 13 railway embankment crosses footpath at an angle of 60 and renders the following solution necessary to find the elevation of the brick arch right cylinder 25" diameter is cut by vertical plane inclined at 60 to its axis Show the elevation of the section in the direction of the axis of the cylinder 14 Two similar pieces of iron stone or wood one lying on tbe ground the ether resting upon it to find plan and elevation of them work the following problem Two triangular prisms each to scale 3" long and 1'25" edge in section one resting on the the other having one edge of an end on the and resting on the other prism The axes of both in plan make angles of 50 with xy Plan and elevation required 15 Some ordinary 2" piping meets two surfaces at right angles to each other To find the plan and elevation of the intersection work the following The axis of right cylinder 2" diameter is inclined at an angle of 45 to xy in plan and elevation Show the traces of the cylinder on both planes FIRST YEAR Construct plain scale of 8'to 1" Show 45 feet On one side of line 16 feet long by this scale construct regular hexagon and on the other side square each polygon having that line for one of its side9 Draw triangle equal in area to each of the polygons in prob
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