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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-623

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APPLIED SCIENCES 621 Sketch and describe Cavendish's counting apparatus for registering the number of revolutions of wheel Sketch and explain the construction of wet gas-meter Sketch and describe the apparatus for registering the hourly consumption of gas VI tomctrical 33ratotng SECOND AND THIRD YEARS Draw triangle in which the square of the hypotenuse is equal to the sum of the squares on the other two sides The shortest side to be one of 75 Draw seven equal circles in circle of 3" diameter each one touching the given circle and two of the inscribed circles On line 3" long describe three arcs of circles one of which would contain angles of 40 another of 75 and the third of 90 when the side AB was common to each One rectangle has sides of 325 25" and another 3" 125 Construct square equal in area to the difference between the two Draw any irregular five-sided figure and reduce it to triangle of equal area Show by construction and describe the position of any straight line with regard to the co-ordinate planes first when its plan is twice the length of its elevation and second when its elevation is twice the length of it plan An indefinite line is inclined at 60" From any point in it draw two other lines at right angles to it and each other Find by construction the height of regular solid having four faces each of which is an equilateral triangle of 2" edge square right prism having sides of base 2" and axis 4" and vertical is cut by plane both of whose traces make angles of 40 with xy Show tbe true form of the section 10 Show in plan and elevation cone 35 axis and 25 base standing on cylinder of the same diameter but half the height Project their shadow when the rays of light are inclined in plan and elevation at 45" to xy
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