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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-622

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620 APPLIED SCIENCES Give general description and sketch of the arrangement of pumps for draining mine In direct acting engine with crank and connecting rod the diameter of the cylinder is 18 inches and the mean pressure of steam is 50 lbs the length of the stroke is 30 inches what is the mean pressure on the crank in the direction of its motion during one revolution State the advantages of using steam at moderately high pressures and expanding and condensing it Illustrate your explanation by indicator figures Show the method of attaching an indicator to horizontal direct acting engine and state the observations which have to be recorded at the time of taking the figure wrought iron cylindrical boiler feet diameter is to be worked up to pressure of 60 lbs per square inch Calculate the thickness of the plates necessary to withstand six times the working pressure and show how you would arrange the seams and rivets Describe Sir Joseph Whitworth's improved method of manufacturing cast steel and give some of his methods of testing it To what purposes of construction would you apply ductile steel of uniform quality in preference to wrought iron FIRST YEAR Sketch the machinery and describe the method of making earthenware socket drain pipes Sketch section through flour mill and give plans of the faces of the upper and lower stones Describe the method of producing the delicate gradations of tint in printing on paper from woodblocks Sketch and describe any method you know of for giving reciprocating motion to the table of printing machine Sketch and describe the Geneva stop and explain its uses in the construction of watch
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