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APPLIED SCIENCES 619 Two masses of lbs and 10 lbs are placed in scale pans which are connected by string passing over smooth fixed pulley find the velocity generated in each mass in second If the string break after this time find the height to which the lighter weight will ascend Find also the tension of the string before breaking Also find the pressure on the scale pans when the mass of each scale pan is lb State and explain tbe meaning of the Third Law of Motion bullet weighing oz strikes piece of timber with velo- city of 400ft per second and penetrates to the depth of foot find the resistance of the timber supposed uniform and tbe time the bullet moved in tbe timber State the principle of the Triangle of Forces Apply it to find the relation between the pressure force and weight on an inclined plane inclined at given angle of 30 to the horizon the force being horizontal Prove that when two parallel forces act on body the moments of the two forces about point in the line of action of their resultant are equal to one another An isosceles triangle whose base is inches and height inches is cut out of rectangle whose base is inches and height inches find the position of the centre of gravity of the remainder What are the experimental laws which govern the impact of impertectly elastic bodies Two masses of and lbs are moving in opposite directions with velocities of 10 and 6ft per second find their velocities after impact when the coefficient of elasticity between them is fj -iulanufacttmng &rt an iHati merg SECOND YEAR Give the conditions which have to be fulfilled in designing pump valve and illustrate your explanation by an example Sketch section through double-beat valve
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