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618 APPLIED SCIENCES sufficient to pull it up the plane supposing it to he inclined at an angle of 30 to the plane The coefficient of friction between the metal and the plane being 65 Find the relation between the power and the weight on the wheel and axle which turns on rough axis and point out why there is an advantage in having the power and the weight on the same side of the axis Define the line of resistance in structure The section of river wall of stone sp gr 2'5 is right- angled triangle of which the base is one-third of the height the water presses against the vertical face and rises to within ft of the top of the wall find the equation to the line of resistance Find also the depth when the wall will just be overthrown What will be the form of the line of resistance when the water reaches to the top of the wall What is meant by the work accumulated in moving body" mass of lbs is drawn along rough horizontal table ╬╝ by means of string hanging over the edge of the table and attached to mass of 10 lbs which hangs vertically find the acceleration and the time of falling through height of ft If the string is attached to scale pan whose mass is lb which carries mass of lbs in it what is the pressure on the scale pan FIRST YEAR body is projected upwards with velocity of 120 ft per second and at the same instant another is projected downwards with the same velocity find the greatest height to which the first will attain and the distance between the two bodies at the time bullet is projected horizontally from the top of cliff 400 ft in height with velocity of 60 ft per second find when the bullet strikes the ground and at what distance from the bottom of the cliff Show also how to trace the path of the bullet
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