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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-619

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applied sciences 617 specific heat of copper '095 500 grammes of water at the temperature 15 Γ are put into the calorimeter and then 80 grammes of substance which has been heated to 100 are placed in tbe water whose temperature is now found to be 20 Find the specific heat of the substance How many gramme-degrees of heat will be conducted in an hour through an iron plate sq cents in section and cents long its two extremities being kept at the respective temperatures of 225 and 275 and the mean conductivity of the iron between these temperatures being 12 IV -iKfdjanitS SECOND AND THIRD YEARS Show that if be the weight of each side of roof and the pitch of the roof that the total pressure on each wall is equivalent to vertical pressure and horizontal pressure 10 cos sin There is roof whose pitch is 30 the rafters are 40 ft long and the weight of each square foot of roofing is 12V3lbs determine the diameter of the wrought-iron tie necessary to bold the feet of the principal rafters with safety supposing them 10 ft apart The tenacity of iron in lbs per square inch 67 200 lbs Two men carry bar of wrought-iron sp gr 7788 ft long in broad and in thick One is placed ft from one end and the other ft from the other end find the pressure on each man Find the area of the surface and the volume of tbe solid formed by causing regular hexagon each of whose sides is 12 in to revolve round an axis in from the centre of the hexagon mass of metal weighing 600 lbs rests on plane of wood inclined at an angle of 30 to the horizon find the force just
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