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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-618

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61G APPLIED SCIENCES Explain on what property the quality of note depends and account for the difference of quality of tone in the same string when it is struck at different points An express train rapidly passes station An observer on the platform hears the whistle as it approaches and finds that the pitch of the note alters as the train passes him account for this change of pitch What analogous phenomena have been observed with regard to light 1rtJr0£itattcii antl eat FIRST YEAR GLOBE 21 centimetres in radius is immersed in water and held by string the weight of the globe being 310464 grammes Find the whole pressure on the surface of the globe the strain on the string the specific gravity of the globe Assume the volume of sphere trr3 area of surface 7rr2 and the weight of cubic centimetre of water gramme Describe the construction and explain the action of the common cistern barometer and shew how the instrument may be used for measuring the height of mountain Enunciate Boyle's law At what pressure expressed in lbs per sq inch will air have the same density which hydrogen has under pressure of 15 lbs per sq inch their densities when compared at the same pressure being as 1276 to 88-4 Describe the construction of the common air-pump and shew how the density of the air may be calculated after any number of strokes of the piston Give an account of the method adopted by Lavoisier and Laplace for determining the linear expansion of bar of metal State what you know concerning the laws of ebullition and evaporation of liquids and describe Kegnault's apparatus for determining the dew-point temperature What is meant by the specific heat of substance The weight of copper calorimeter is 150 grammes and the
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