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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-617

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APPLIED SCIENCES 615 III pmnuntal tyfyviici SECOND AND THIRD YEARS Explain how to measure the force between two small spheres charged with electricity by means of Coulomb's torsion balance If two small spheres are charged with quantities of electricity in the ratio of three to one how will the repulsion between them be affected if for an instant they be brought into contact with one another What is meant by electromotive force State the laws which determine the strength of current which battery of given electromotive force will produce in circuit of given resistance battery of 12 cells is joined up so as to give the strongest current through galvanometer whose resistance is 14 ohms the resistance of each cell of the battery is 12 ohms What is the arrangement of the cells Distinguish between external and internal resistance Show how to determine experimentally the resistance of galvanic battery Explain method of comparing the electrical resistance of two wires Compare the resistance of two copper wires one of them 12 feet long and weighing 42 grammes and the other 14 feet long and weighing 24-5 grammes long insulated copper wire is coiled on short hollow wooden cylinder explain what electrical effects are produced by passing long bar magnet through the cylinder putting it in at one end and out at the other Give method of determining the rate of conduction of sound in rods of different materials stating clearly the principle on which the method is based Describe the Siren and explain its use With an open cylindrical organ pipe and Siren how would you determine the velocity of sound in air State the laws of vibration of strings and explain how they may be experimentally proved
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