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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-605

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GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 603 imicfjtigcn-ttnirbkjm-Γιφ brflripcu-bcfannt-gnvip- trru-fa jig Give definition of the Ethical Dative and illus- trate your answer by examples What prepositions and cases are used in German with verbs expressing delight-remembrance-doubt -longing-envy-hope Give examples Give the etymology of the words -S atuHc-- tui- ornung-Du laucbt XXVI trinau Junior Division Translate into English Du kbit bag ntit fin cfallcn nut bii-fn- jtlriiiigfrit gcfd ic aUcin bu ufl c8 ηίφί Mcin δδιιηίφ mag cine 3φοφίί frin abet c3 ifl boφ mem 9Βηη φ-bu crfullft ηίφί 3Φ abe Μφ gebeten τφ fyabe nerlangt ίφ jabc 33crnunftgriinbe allrr Strt crfdjbpft-allcin bu bltibfl artnatfig 3Φ bclaufc te ficute UBiorgen unfern οιηπφ brr von bet SieSbctl fccrlangte fte folic fagen em φιιπιικί fei anf bcr ϋίφ ift gebceft" unb mit iijr in cincn fjeftigru trcit grrirtf aI3 fie c8 ηίφί roolltc 2aφcnb crjaf Itc ίφ bag mrincr grau fc mcic elnb fagte ίφ ρ ii fir ttuirbe ηίφί fo cigenfmnig fein unb bat fic tut crjc fie mi te jene SSorte fagen £ie mcigcrtc ϊφ abcr mit fo cntl icbcncm igenfmn mit fo auffaDiciibcr a1t ndefigfeit bap air cincn ci-nfllic rn SSortwccfifcI fatten
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