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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-592

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590 GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE Find the centre foci excentricity and axes of the conies 3x 2xy 'if lOy x2 4xy 4ya lty 10 Find the condition that the straight line αχ β γ may touch the conic ax 2hxy bf 2gx 11 PSQ PUR are focal chords of an ellipse prove that the tangent at Ρ and the chord QR cut the major axis at equal distances from the centre 12 Prove that-the rectangle under the normal chord at any point of an ellipsoid and twice the perpendicular from the centre on the tangent plane at that point is equal to the square of the diameter perpendicular to the tangent plane XX -Btffercntial anU integral Calculus If cos sin-גי prove that Prove that 0h and show that the first and second approximate values of θ are and Ά י 2T12 f" If An he the co-efficient of in the expansion of sin-1 χ in powers of prove that An An a1 Find the value of ta י ן rtan 9'J
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