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GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE 683 God wot-a jolly thriving wooer-Cacodenion-the cross- row-the flattering index of direful pageant If bad monopoly out they would have part on't-a sectary astronomical-S Withold footed thrice the old-those pelican daughters-╬č matter and impertinency mixed Derive and explain Lilliputian- thrasonical-legend- cardinal-virtuoso-tawdrey-church- what other derivation is suggested -slander-nickname-catholic XV Engltsij fttttraturt 1400-1616 Trt to explain the literary barrenness of the fifteenth century When did change take place for the better Mention the chief influences and movements that helped to produce what is called the Elizabethan age What are the dates within which it lies short life of Spenser with illustrations from his works Why is he called the poets' poet Explain the name Faerie Queen What is the nominal what is the real subject of the poem Narrate what befell the Red Cross Knight during his separation from Una By whose help does he rejoin her What did Bacon mean by the title essays What light do his writings so called throw on his character Give the substance of any three of them An outline of the first book of the Advancement of Learning Mention any differences between the Advancement and the De Augmentis Suppose there was no external evidence what grounds could you find in their works for connecting Bacon and Shake- speare with one and the same age Give some account of what means there are of grouping Shakespeare's plays in the order of their composition Of which play is the exact date certainly known Describe the character of Brutus Compare and also contrast him with Hamlet
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