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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-562

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560 TRENCH PRIZE Examine the force of the comparative in the following phrases rt Ktyeiv τΐ και άκουειν καινότΐρον κατά πάντα ώϊ δεισιδαιμονΐστίρουϊ upas θεωρώ οχριβίστςρον etSuJS τά 7repi τη$ οδοί What is the force of the prepositional prefix in the verbs 4πιγινώσκω -καταγίνωσκω κατέρχομαι κατακανχασθαι πάρα- βαίναν-επιβσί1' 1ν-μεταλάμβανειν-ίντιΚαμβάνςσθαι-άντίχςσΒαι Give the meaning and derivation of the following words κατάνυξη υπόσταση ίΰραίωμα areKyeia- όλοθρεντης παρά- T0s-καταΚΚαγή-έριθεία-καταλαΚία II ζ 0Spcl arcortJing to St jjoljn The life of St John after the Ascension To what period in his life do you assign his Gospel Discuss the grounds on which the authorship of St John's Gospel has been questioned by modern criticism Assuming its genuineness in what relation does it stand to the other three Gospels as regards the facts which it relates as to the character of its teaching Examine the chief harmonistic difficulties which present themselves on comparing St John's narrative with those of the other Gospels The sacramental teaching of St John's Gospel How far is the narrative of this Gospel characterised by the vividness which indicates the recollections of an eye-witness Give instances Our Lord's relations with the household of Bethany What explanations can be given of the silence of the other Gospels as to Lazarus Translate with short exegetical notes ο Ό 8ί μισθωτά φίΐίγ ort μισθωτό ίστι και ου μίλ αυτί π ρ των προβάτων e'-ycl 1μι δ ποιμην δ καΧός' και γινώσκω τά ΐμά και γινώσκομαι νπδ των μών καθώς γινώσκ ι με δ πατήρ κάγω γινωσκω τδνπατίρα' καϊ τήν ψυχήν μου τίθημι ύπίρ των προβάτων και άλλα πρόβατα ΐχω α ουκ ΐστιν Κ της αυλής ταύτής' κάκήνά μ Sei ayayetf και τής φωνής μον άκούσουσι καϊ γ νήσ ται μία ποίμνη ΐς ποιμήν
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