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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-559

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theological department 557 From what sources are the Collects of the Church of England generally derived Do any of them bear internal evidence of their date What is an Anthem What do you know of the use of metrical compositions and of musical instruments in the Church in general and the Church of England in particular What is the germ of Litanies What noteworthy changes have been made in our English Litany from its first publication to the resent time Which of the Occasional Prayers" supply internal evidence of their date What are the essentials of Holy Baptism And what ceremonies have at various times been added to these essentials 10 Why are infants baptised XII -logic and Jifloral $I tio Sopi EXPLAIN the following terms analysis-synthesis-com- prehension-extension-figure-mood-categorematic infnna species -deduction -dilemma-sorites In what figure is CLIO valid Reduce it to the first figure IEO is invalid in all the figures why Give concrete example of FER1S0N What do you understand by "law of thought" What laws of thought are necessary as the foundation of the syllogism State and explain Mr Mill's canons of induction Upon what ultimate principles do they depend State fully with examples what is meant by the fallacy petitio principii It has sometimes been urged that the sjllogism is petitio principii How far is this true What is the value of hypothesis in scientific investigation Under what conditions is single instance sufficient for valid induction XIII-legit and floral $P0S0pijn explain fully what is meant by the inverse relation of sensation and perception
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