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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1878-1879-550

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548 THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT What evidence have we as to the date of Lthe book of Judges What period is supposed to be covered by it and what is the ease lor and against the supposition When is it probable that the latter events recorded took place and why State what you know of the bock of Ruth and its date How do the books of Samuel contrast with those of Kings Give an account of their present condition What do you understand by the book of Jasher What do we know of it 10 What period is embraced by the hook of Samuel AVhat is the element of uncertainty about it II -ficbrcfo Translate Ps 43 explaining all the forms Translate with notes Ps 4j Write out the pasts kdl and hifgil of iom Write out the Kit'gil of savav Put the pronominal affixes to 'el-ga -min Vrite out kesef and sefer with the affixes singular and plural Translate into Hebrew the Prayer of St Chrysostotn III -tJSrttit tamcnt Translate parsing the more difficult verbal forms α και ΰιάπεράσαντε ηλθον έπι την yrjv Τενησαρέτ καϊ προσ- ωρμίσθησαν και εξελθόντων αυτών εκ τον πλοίου ευθέως εττίγ- νόντε αντον περιδραμόντε οΚην την περίχωρον ε'κείνην ηρξαντο έπι το'ι κραββάτοι του κακώ έχοντα περιφέρειν όπου ηκουον οτι εκεί εστί και οττου αν εισεπορεύετο ει κώμα η πέλει η uypol εν ral ayopal έτίθουν του άσθενοΰντα καϊ παρεκάλονν αϋτίιν ίνα καν τοΰ κρασπέδου τον Ιματίου αιτοϋ αψωνται' και ίσοι αν ηπτοντο αντον εσώζοντο
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