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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1876-1877-632

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632 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT which they depend and the various nervous arrangements by which their periodicity is regulated Describe the various circumstances which influence the blood pressure in the general vascular system Describe the changes which take place in muscle during contraction the varieties in mode of contraction and any theory of the process which may be familiar to you Describe the structure and arrangement of the mammary gland Its mode of secretion and the morphological and chemical properties of milk III -CI tmtatr Ten cubic inches of gas are measured at barometric pres- sure of twenty-nine inches What will be their volume at thirty inches What is the definition of the specific gravity of gas Give the specific gravities of oxygen nitrogen marsh-gas and carbonic acid gas Point out the conditions which regulate the heat and the temperature produced in combustion Give examples of monobasic dibasic and tribasic acids write their formulae and those of some of their salts How may freezing-mixture be prepared without ice Explain the principle of its action Some white crystals heated with strong sulphuric acid effervesce and evolve gas burning with blue flame State the probable composition of the crystals and write an equation for the decomposition IV -Sotani What are parenchymatous and prosenchymatous cells and in what parts of plants are they found Define the following terms as applied to leaves articulated -peltate -verticillate-equitant-crenate-palmate-pedate- pinnate-ligule and phyllode Give general sketch of the structure of palm stem
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