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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1876-1877-630

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630 MEDICAL DEPARTMENT II -Τβΐ νίία10$υ Give historical sketch of the origin and progress of the cellular theory '' showing its influence on morphological anatomy and its true hearing to the present idea of an animal cell Mention the various ideas ntribu ed by the following authors -Virchow Max Schultze Briicke Schwarm Describe accurately the anatomical elements of the con- nective tissues Adduc arguments supporting the view that these tissues should he classified as single group Describe macroscopically and microscopically the changes which take place in the blood during coagulation To what chemical process may this change be attributed and what are the requirements necessary for it Contrast the graphic representations of the variations which occur in intra-ventricular and aortic pressures Describe the methods of representing these pressures graphically Describe and contrast the so-called natural currents in nerve and muscle and the variations they undergo during the activity of each kind of tissue III -Cljtmt'Stri Exemplify the classification of organic compounds in homologous series What explanation of homology can be offered Describe the continuous etherifying process and represent by equations the principal reactions involved What is the chemical nature of the substances sold as fruit essences Give some examples Give general outline of the methods by which the molecular weights of compound bodies are determined Explain the chemical constitution of the natural fats What change takes place when they are saponified by an alkali Illustrate by an example the production of an animal or vegetable compound from substances of mineral origin
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