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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1875-1876-633

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MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 629 XIV -13I £itoIogj Describe the minute structure of dentine and enamel Descrihe the structure of the spleen and give an account of the functions discharged by this organ Describe the sounds of the heart Give their cause and state what is the condition of the several cavities of the heart during its systole and diastole respectively What is the cause of the cardiac impulse Describe the mechanism of ordinary respiration and state what influence the respiratory movements have on the blood- pressure in the arteries and veins respectively XV -jhiorgamc CijcintStrg What is meant by the water of crystallization in salts Mention freezing-mixture in which this water is employed Point out the conditions under which spontaneous com- bustion is possible Illustrate by examples State the first principles of ventilation and describe briefly the methods adopted for ventilating dwelling-rooms theatres mines Give the composition by weight of the chloride of sulphur S2 Cl2 and show that the formula SCI would not be correct What is implied in the statement that carbon is tetratomic element Can you suggest any explanation of the fact If 535 grains of sal-ammoniac were heated with lime in excess and the disengaged ammonia were absorbed by 000 grains of water what would be the percentage of ammonia by weight in the resulting solution XVI 330tam Define the following cell-fibre-vessel-stoma-hair- gland-epidermis-cuticle-spine and tendril Describe the bark of Dicotyledonous stem What is the false bark of Monocotyledonous stem Define the following terms as applied to leaves simple- compound connate-decussate-dentate-pinnate-pinnatifid -decompound-reclinate and circinate
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