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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1875-1876-631

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MEDICAL DEPARTMENT 627 Give complete account of the movements of the scapula on the trunk Tabulate the muscles engaged therein and give their nerve supply What joints are concerned in these move- ments and what offices are performed by their ligaments respec- tively How would you expose he third part of the duodenum in subject whose abdomen bad been opened by the ordinary crucial incisions but with the viscera undisturbed Give its exact position and relations Give the attachments action and relations of the flexor accessorius pedis -3361 Ā£itt I0g1 Give general description of the structures which are found in lobule of the liver Describe gastric gland and give an account of the action of the gastric juice Where is tbe vaso-motor centre situated By what system of nerves is its influence conveyed to the blood-vessels and give experiments illustrating this fact What is the effect on the blood-pressure of the inhibition of this centre and mention how this inhibition may be produced State the position of the respiratory centre What is meant by the "vital point" of Flourens and where is it situated What is the effect of section of the vagi on respira- tion and on the condition of the lung tissue XI -Ctymtetvv What mode of grouping the elements is characteristic of the alcohols Give an example Describe and explain the preparation of ether When chloral hydrate is heated with solution of potash an oily liquid separates what is it and how can it be identified Why is the marsh-gas series of hydrocarbons styled homo- logous Does the formula of member of this series convey any information with respect to its physical properties
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