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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1875-1876-617

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WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS 613 VII arirtjmetir From 37 yds 18 ft 857 in take 35 yds 24 ft 1280 in cubic measure Find the sum of fa JJ and If 120 qrs of wheat last 500 men 28 days how long would 342 qrs last 100 men Find the cost of 87 yds ft in at 3Jrf per yard At what rate per cent will £480 amount to £552 in years Required the value of bar of gold in long in wide and thick at £39 12j per cubic inch Simplify fa of 0f bankrupt's effects are valued at £983 12i 4d and his debts are £1 728 I2i how much will his creditors receive in the pound VIII £uclft If one side of triangle be produced the exterior angle is greater than either of the interior opposite angles Parallelograms upon the same base and between the same parallels are equal to one another If the square described upon one of the sides of triangle be equal to the squares described upon the other two sides of it the angle contained by these two sides is right angle If straight line be bisected and produced to any point the rectangle contained by the whole line thus produced and the part of it produced together with the square of half the line bisected is equal to the square of the straight line which is made up of the half and the part produced To describe square that shall be equal to given recti- lineal figure To draw straight line from given point either without or in the circumference which shall touch given circle If straight line touches circle and from the point of contact straight line be drawn cutting tbe circle the angles
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