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G06 WARNEFORD SCHOLARSHIPS Explain the nature and peculiar properties of coal In what rocks is coal chiefly found in England Describe the principal characters of iron pyrites gold and copper pyrites General form of the crystal Fracture Hardness rf Specific gravity Action of acids Action of blowpipe How would you distinguish polished specimens of cairn gorum topaz and corundum Oriental topaz from each other without injury to the specimens 10 Mention some of the practical advantages of know ledge of Mineralogy VI 8SSarnefor& Jftrst CElass £ti 0larsi tps I- IB Ctitamcnt Compare and contrast the characters of Abraham Isaac Jacob and Joseph illustrating your remarks by references to the history but not giving any continuous narrative Give the various names under which God is revealed in the Pentateuch and note the full significance of each At what periods before the going down into Egypt were the Ahrahamic tribe connected with that country What were the effects produced upon them by their long sojourn in Egypt Into wdiat elements is the Mosaic Law ordinarily divided How far does it seem to have been borrowed from older materials Give short account of the Tabernacle its rangements and its contents and distinguish the various kinds of Sacrifice under tbe Law What are the chief events recorded in the period of the wanderings in the Wilderness To what event does the fol- lowing passage refer Because tbey provoked Moses' spirit so
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