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ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES 605 the south coast of Ireland Notice its shape depths tempera- tures sediments and different faunas How do the sediments of the deepest parts of the Atlantic differ from those of less depths Distinguish physically and chemically between deep sea oaze and common white chalk What is conglomer-te How is it formed and what mav be inferred from its presence in set of strata Define the following terms illustrating your meaning by drawings dip-strike-fault-false-bedding and unconformity Explain tbe theory of tbe formation of mountain chains What are high-level gravels How were they formed and what do they often contain Describe the boulder-clay of the east of England 10 Explain the succession of strata in the Isle of Wight from the chalk upwards 11 What was tbe Palteotherium 12 Describe coral of the genus Favosites '13 State the difference between the Palaeozoic and all other Echinida -iHtncralogn Enumerate the physical characters of minerals and particularize those characters most important in identifying minerals What is the specific gravity of mineral the weight of which in air is 183 grains and in water 113 grains What crystalline forms can be obtained from blende calcite fluor-spar galena and rock-salt by cleavage Explain the difference between stalactite and stalagmite and describe bow both are formed State tbe difference between breccia and conglomerate If you are examining new country and find in the bed of river the following minerals-agate corundum garnet gold olivine stream tin topaz tourmaline and zircon what kind of rocks may be expected to be found in tbe higher parts of the district
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