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596 ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES Describe Daniell's and Regnault's hygrometers stating fully the advantages possessed by the latter instrument over the former What are meant by the terms "specific heat "latent beat Describe fully Regnault's apparatus for determining the specific heat of solids substance weighing 12 lbs at tern- perature of 100 is plunged into 40 lbs of water at tern- perature of 20 contained in copper vessel the specific heat of which is 09515 and whose weight is lbs The temperature of the mixture is found to be 25 Find the specific heat of the substance first neglecting -second taking into account the heat absorbed by the vessel IV -CijcnttStrp How would you ascertain whether particular gas was suitable for filling balloon Give your opinion as to the gas best fitted for the purpose with your reasons State the composition of iron pyrites Is it valuable ore of iron In what chemical manufacture is it largely used What is implied by coldshort iron and what impurity in the metal is common cause of cold-shortness From what source is phosphorus generally obtained and to what purpose is it chiefly applied Name the constituents of white arsenic and mention some simple test by which it may be identified Give the proper chemical names for Epsom salts gypsum heavy spar fluor spar coprolite and realgar -iJfUnufacturincj &rt aniJ ί$13φ'ηη SECOND YEAR The diameter of the shell of boiler is ft in and the pressure of steam is 100 lbs on the square inch what should be the thickness of the boiler plate when the safe tensile strain of wrought-iron is taken at 2J tons on the square inch Explain the principle of Siemens' hydro-chron-ometric governor and state its advantages over Watts' pendulum
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