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ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES 597 effect modified when beam of sunlight is used Account for these phenomena FIRST YEAR What is fluid Prove from your definition that the pressure of fluid on any surface with which it is in contact is perpendicular to the surface To what depth must surface be sunk in water that tbe pressure upon it may be lbs per square inch Shew how to find tbe specific gravity of substance lighter than water but not soluble in water If the substance were soluble in water how would you proceed solid which is lighter than water weighs 10 lbs and when the solid is attached to piece of metal the whole weighs 14 lbs in water the weight of tbe metal in water being 18 lbs find the specific gravity of the solid Describe tbe apparatus employed for proving Boyle's law for pressures greater than atmospheric pressure To what extent does Boyle's law hold good Compare tbe volume of 10 oz of air at temperature and under pressure equal to 30 inches of mercury with tbe volume of the same weight of air at temperature of 80 and under pressure equal to 18 inches of mercury Describe Hawksbie's double acting air pump stating clearly tbe advantages which it possesses over the ordinary form of single acting air pump Define co-efficient of expansion Prove that the co-efficient of superficial expansion is nearly double and that the coefficient of cubical expansion is nearly treble the coefficient of linear expansion Describe some exact method of determining the linear ex- pansion of bar of metal What are the laws of fusion and boiling of substances and how are they influenced by change of pressure Describe Well's experiments on the formation of dew and the results arrived at
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