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596 ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES Explain the law of reflection of sound and describe some of its effects What is meant by the inflection of sound What is the law of vibration of rod fixed at one end AVhat relation is there between the number of vibrations in the overtones as compared with the fundamental in such rods Explain clearly what is meant by inteiference How may the interference of Sound waves be made evident by means of tuning-fork Describe the method adopted by Fizeau and Cornu to determine the velocity of light What is the relation between the positions of the geometrical foci for lens and how would you practically determine the focal length of lens Explain how the refraction of light by plane surface is accounted for by the Wave Theory Explain how the appearance of stick immersed obliquely in water agrees with the law of refraction Show how to find the index of refraction of any solid or liquid prism Explain how it is possible by means of prisms to obtain deviation without dispersion Describe the Solar Spectrum and the change which takes place in it when the telescope is directed first to the bodv of the sun and moved gradually out to the Chromosphere How does the Solar Spectrum differ from the Spectra of incandescent solids or liquids Account for this difference 10 Account for and explain the appearance presented when convex lens is placed in contact with plane surface of glass and beam of light is reflected from their surfaces near the point of contact 11 WThat effect is produced on ray of light in passing through crystal of Iceland spar in plane passing through the axis of the crystal If the light after passing through the crystal be examined by nicol's prism what properties is it found to possess Account for these properties When very small divergent cone of homogeneous light passes by the edge of body what appearance is presented on screen laced at some distance behind the edge How is the
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