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engineering and applied sciences 595 40 lbs rests 011 the shorter plane and is connected by string passing over pulley at the common summit of the two planes with weight resting upon tbe longer plane how great must the weight be to prevent motion neglecting friction taking friction into consideration -tbe coefficient of friction being Through what vertical distance must heavy body fall from rest in order to acquire velocity of 322 feet per second If it continue falling for another second after having acquired the above velocity through what distance will it fall in that time Explain the meaning of tbe equation Mg When two bodies of masses and are connected by string which passes over pulley which is supposed to move freely find the acceleration and the tension of the string Two weights of and lbs are so connected Find the tension of the string and supposing them to start from rest find the space described in three seconds 10 What is meant by the "energy" of moving body If train begins to ascend an incline of in 100 with velocity of 20 feet per second find how far it will go If after coming to rest it begins to descend tbe incline how far will it rim along the horizontal plane at the bottom of the incline in one minute 11 and Β are two balls whose coefficient of elasticity is and the mass of is double that of Β if they move in opposite directions the velocity of Β being double that of find the velocities after impact III -PijnsStrj SECOND AND THIRD YEARS On what properties do the velocity of sound in any sub- stance depend Describe method of determining tbe velocity of sound in any substance The velocity of sound in water is four times that in air Give the reasons for this Ρ ρ
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