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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1875-1876-597

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ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES 593 for the framework and determine the strains on the several pieces An equilateral triangle revolves round an axis parallel to the base the vertex of the triangle being between the axis and tbe base the base is 10 inches long and the distance from the vertex to the axis is inches determine the volume of the ring described in cubic inches Explain the meaning of the terms "limiting angle of rests- tance Coefficient of friction What are the laws of friction mass of wrought iron weighing 1000 lbs rests on plane of cast iron inclined at an angle of 60 to the horizon force Ρ acts upon it so as just not to pull it up tbe plane in direction inclined to tbe plane at an angle of 30 find Ρ tan φ 19 sone wall whose section is trapezium with one side vertical is subject to tbe pressure of water on its vertical face the height of the wall is 12 feet its thickness two feet at the top and 11 feet at the bottom Find tbe equation to tbe line of resistance the wall being twice as heavy as its own bulk in water Explain bow teeth with radial flanks may be traced out by the rolling of circles on one another proving tbe property on which it depends What are the disadvantages of having radial flanks on all the wheels' If rack is substituted for one of the wheels what is the form of tbe teeth on the wheel which works with it train is going up an incline of in 70 at tbe rate of 10 miles an hour the friction being lbs per ton the incline is 500 feet in length and when the train is half way up coupling chain breaks find how far the train will go up tbe incline and in run- ning back find its velocity at the foot of the incline Explain tbe meaning of the equation v2 V2 Fs shewing bow it is obtained and stating the laws on which it is founded 10 The length of the seconds pendulum at Konigsberg is 39Ί5 inches and at Ascension is 39 024 inches pendulum which vibrates seconds at Ascension is taken to Konigsberg where the acceleration of falling body is 32 Find tbe ac- Ρ Ρ
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