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592 ENGINEERING AND APPLIED SCIENCES Give brief account of tbe points at issue in the first four Councils and the principles on which they were settled 10 How did Monasticism first originate What were its leading principles Was there any difference between its cha- racteristics in the East and in the West 11 By what influences were the barbarian nations civilized and converted to Christianity How far is their effect visible in the European civilization of the present time 12 Give short biography of any of the following -Athana- sius Ambrose Antony the Hermit Tertullian Origen iHatijcmattcg See Department of General Literature and Science II -iHcrfjamrsj SECOND AND THIRD YEARS Prove that the principle of the parallelogram of forces is true of the magnitude of the resultant Explain the meaning of the term couple How is the moment of couple measured If ABC is triangle each of whose sides is 20 ft long and if force of 16 lbs acts from to an equal force from Î’ to and another equal force from to shew that the three are equivalent to couple whose moment is 160 J3 There is roof whose pitch is 30 the rafters are 40 ft long and the weight of each square foot of roofing is 16 lbs determine the strain on tie beam employed to hold the feet of the principal rafters supposing them to be 12 ft apart If the middle point of each rafter be supported by secondary truss as in the accompanying figure draw diagram of force
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