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572 GENERAL LITERATURE AND SCIENCE and the sum of -9 -7 -5 to 20 terms 12 Find the common ratio and the fifth term of the series 31 2J &c and sum the series in inf 13 How many different permutations can be foimed with the letters in the word indignation י 14 Find the middle term of 2a -5 γ0 and expand a5 to terms 15 31 is the duodenary scale find the same number in the denary 16 If cos find sin and tan Also shew how the angle may be found by construction 17 Prove the formula sin Λ Β sin Λ cos Β cos s'mA 18 Find the arithmetical values of the sine and cosine of 18 19 Determine θ in the equation sin θ 8in3fl 20 Eliminate ό from the equations sec cos and cosecfl sin θ η 21 The elevation of tower is 30 and at point 66 yards nearer it is 45 shew that the height of the tower expressed in eet 99 V3 22 From the top of the peak of Tenerifle the dip of the horizon is found to be 58' 10" If the radius of the earth be taken 4000 miles what is the height of the mountain Given 10g2364 3-3736475 tab log cos 589 9997488 "10 log 3010300 tab log sin 598 2351650 23 Find the area of triangle whose sides are 30 feet 40 feet 50 feet 24 Shew how to solve triangle if two sides and an angle opposite to one of them be given Explain the an biguous case IV -Jlaiu anK &pl rtral Citgonomttru INVESTIGATE formula for all angles which have the same sine as
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