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5i2 FREAKE EXHIBITIONS Describe an experiment which proves that the pressure of quantity of confined air varies inversely as the space it occupies Account for the formation of the image of an object placed in front of plane mirror luminous point being placed between two plane mirrors inclined at an angle of 45 to one another find the number of images and show that they all lie in circle 10 Show how to find the index of refraction for transparent solid or liquid prism 11 Find the relation between the positions of the geometrical foci for lens and explain how to determine practically the focal length of lens VIII -£i tmitU2 What chemical elements are present in chalk State what happens when chalk is acted on by sulphuric acid In what respect does nitrogen differ from all other gases and what important application depends upon the circum- stance Are any of the metals found naturally in the metallic state With what elements are they most commonly combined in their ores Mention the tests usually employed in analysis for sepa- rating the metals into groups How is it ascertained whether given substance is acid alkaline or neutral Write the chemical formulae representing hydrochloric acid water ammonia and marsh-gas respectively Do you attach any special significance to these formula When dry glass is inverted over taper standing on the table tbe flame is extinguished and dew appears on the glass Explain this pointing out the change which has taken place in the air within the glass Describe and express by an equation the result of placing potassium on the surface of water
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