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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1875-1876-545

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FRBAKE EXHIBITIONS 541 connection of the different meanings in the two chief words of it Oh if thou grant my need Which only lives but by the death of faith That need must needs infer this principle- That faith would live again by death of need Oh then tread down my need and faith mounts up Keep my need up and faith is trodden down VII -natural Ijtlosopljy State the principle of "Transmission of Force Show that when two equal forces act on particle their resultant is represented in direction by the diameter of the parallelogram de- scribed on the lines representing the forces How may this pro- position be extended to the case of unequal forces Define lever and state the principle of the lever Give instances of the three kinds of levers and apply the principle to find the relation between the power and weight in each kind From what property may the centre of gravity of body be found by experiment When is body in stable equilibrium Several planks each 10 ft long are laid one upon another on bench the lowest projects ft over the edge of the bench and each plank projects inches beyond the one below it How many planks may be so laid on before the whole will topple Find the power which acting at an arm of ft in supports weight of 50 lbs on screw of which the thread rises in 20 the diameter of the screw being inches State the Third Law of Motion Apply it to find the tension of the string when weights of 16 oz and 12 oz are connected by string which passes over pulley as in Attwood's machine body is thrown upwards with velocity of 28 ft per second Find its height after one second and its greatest height Describe the construction of the cistern barometer and give an account of the precautions necessary to secure both an accurate instrument and correct reading
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