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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1875-1876-540

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536 FREAKE EXHIBITIONS room is half as high and twice as long as it is wide If the floor contain 3362 square feet what is the cost of papering tiie walls at Od per square yard man buys 50 shares in railway at £20 10 the share and 100 more at £7 15 the share The half-yearly dividend is 4d per share what interest per cent per annum does he make of his money Kind the continued product of and divide r3 x2 ab ac by χ 'ind the Greatest Common Measure and Least Common Multiple of it" lx 10 and Simplify 43 25x2 20 25 -4 xy χ χ χ If ar4 ax3 bx1 cx he complete square show that c2 and 41 β2 8di Solve the equations α Γ xy Vz- 12 T2 16j4 10 Find the number of permutations of things taken together In how many of these will two given things occur in juxtaposition 11 Prove the binomial theorem for positive integral indices If χ be the sum of the odd terms and the sum of the even terms in the expansion of f- prove that a- ף
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