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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1875-1876-539

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FKEAKE EXHIBITIONS 535 τον apery τε ουδενύς ύστερος και κράτιστος ενθυμηθηναι γενόμενος και ά αν γνοίη ειπείν καϊ ες μεν δημον ον πάριων ουδ' ες JXAof αγώνα εκούσιος οΰδενα αλλ' υπόπτως τω πλήθει δια δόζαν δεινυτη- T0S διακείμενος τους μεντοι αγωνιζόμενους καϊ εν δικαστηρίω καϊ εν δήμω πλείστα εις άνηρ όστις ξνμβου ενσαιτό τι δυνάμενος ώφεΧειν καϊ αυτός τε επειδή τα τών τετρακοσίων εν υστερώ μεταπεσόντα νπο τον δήμου εκακοντο άριστα φαίνεται τών μέχρι εμον νπερ αντών τοντών αίτιαθεϊς ως ξυγκατεστησε θανάτου δίκην αποΧογησάμενος Translate into Greek The desperate state of our army abroad is in part known No man more highly esteems and honours the English troops than do know their virtues and their valour know they can achieve anything but impossibilities and ΐ know that the con- quest of English America is an impossibility You cannot my Lords you cannot conquer America What is your present situation there We do not know the worst but we know that in three campaigns we have done nothing and suffered much You may swell every expense accumulate every assistance and extend your traffic to the shambles of every German despot your attempts will be for ever vain and impotent -doubly so indeed from this mercenary aid on which you rely for it irritates to an incurable resentment the minds of your adversaries to over- run them with the mercenary sons of rapine and plunder devoting them and their possessions to the rapacity of hireling cruelty III -aritijmettc algebra Crignnomttrjj What is meant by 'decimal' fraction State the rule for addition of fractions when all are terminating when one or more are recurring decimals Find the value of 10 -f- lj5 fQ -f- both by vulgar frac- tions and by decimals and show that the results coincide tank is supplied by spout which can fill it in hours how long will it take to fill the tank if it has ak that would empty it in 10 hours If 10 men can do piece of work in 24 days how many men will do another piece of work times as great in one-fifth of the time
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