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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1875-1876-537

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FREAKE EXHIBITIONS 533 libertorumque ubi in bonos incidisset sine reprehensione patieus si inali forent usque ad culpani ignarus Sed claritas natalium et metus temporum obtentui ut quod segnitia erat sapientia vocaretur Dum vigebat setas militari laude apnd Germanias floruit Pro consule African moderate jam senior citeiiorem Hispaniam pari justitia continuit major privato visus dum privatus fuit et omnium consensu capax imperii nisi impc- rasset Translate into Latin While they were in this distress it happened that some Mace- donians who had fetched water in skins upon their mules from river came about noon to the place where Alexander was and seeing him almost choked with thirst tilled an helmet and offered it to him He asked them to whom they were carrying the water they told him to their children but if his life were spared it was no matter they would find other children though these all perished Then he took the helmet into his hands and looking round about when he saw all the horsemen who were about him stretching their heads out and looking after the drink he returned it with thanks without tasting it "For said he "if alone should drink the rest will be out of heart And the horsemen seeing his temperance and magnanimity one and all cried out to him to lead thein forward boldly and began whipping on their horses For whilst they had such king they said they defied both weariness and thirst and looked upon themselves to be little less than immortal II mfe Translate into English T01 δ' αντε προσεειπε ποΚντλα δϊοϊ Ό&νσσεν roiyap iyu ερεω σν δΐ σννβεο και μεν άκονσον' και φράσαι ει κεν νωίν θήνη σνν Λιι πατρί αρκέσει ήέ τιν αΚΚον άμνντορα μερμηρίξω Τόι δ' αν Τηλέμαχος πεπνυμένος άντ'ιον ηνδα εσθλώ τοι τούτω έπαμνντορε τον άγορενει νψι περ εν νεφεεσσι καθημενω ώτε κα αλλοίί άνδράσι τε κρατεονσι και άθανάτοισι θεοϊσιν
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