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  Item Reference: KCLCAL-1875-1876-529

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THEOLOGICAL DEPARTMENT 525 What latitude as to conceptions of the nature of Biblical Inspiration is consistent with full recognition of the ultimate and permanent authority of Holy Scripture 10 Quote and examine the statement in Article VII of the fact and grounds of unity between the Old Testament and the New 11 Examine the teaching of Holy Scripture as to the office of Law under the New Covenant and especially as to the per- manence or transitoriness of the Law of Moses VI-articles VIII -XI Sutler's Hnaloyti Part II In what various ways did the use of Creeds originate Compare briefly what is known as to the formation of the three Creeds What points are unsettled as to the history of the "Athanasian Creed and how far do they affect the question of its acceptance and use Examine in regard to the last Creed the grounds on which Its acceptance Its use in Divine Service must be determined Write short Essay on the characters of the "damnatory 1' or monitory clauses of this Creed and on the methods which have been proposed for dealing wilh them On what grounds does the doctrine of Original Sin rest Note accurately what our Article says and what the Church in connection with this Article has refused to say on this subject What two effects of Original Sin does it draw out How far is the Article on "Free ill rightly named Give short history of the controversy on the subject in the days of St Augustine and at the tinie of the Reformation Quote exactly Art XI on Justification What is tne antithesis which it really contains Examine the Scriptural use of the words "Justification and Faith Give an analysis of Butler's Analogy Part II noting how its various parts are related to one another
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